Original brands supply, either locally or from the nearest place available. We can find all grades in the best prices, depending on actual availability. Alternatively, we can locate another brand at a nearest port or country, for best delivery time, or for comparison purposes on your budget.

Close-up of automobile engine steel gears and bearings disassembled for repair at car service station

Spares machinery, and equipment

Ability to source spare parts (new and used) for your vessels with minimal cost and time and timely delivery to your ship.

Navigation and communication equipment

Second hand equipment of any type, or any manufacturing date such as: Radars or Scanners (individual or complete assembly) | Gyro Compasses, Magnetic Compasses | VHFs | MF/HFs | Navtex | Inmarsat C | Inmarsat B | VDRs | LRITs | ECDIS | Echo sounders | Speed logs



Deck and Engine stores |Anchors and anchor chains, all types and sizes | Mooring ropes | Wire ropes | Fitter stores | Mechanical parts | Electrical parts | Hydraulic parts | Batteries | Tires | Filters | Bearings | Mechanical seals


Logistics, Customs and Forwarding by Sea or Air all over the world

We’re focusing especially at the difficult ports of West and East Africa, plus Middle and Far East, South Pacific and Indian Ocean. However, we can offer you our services for every port around the world, always in the lowest cost considered. Seek for an offer on comparison purposes and let us know if any better price exists!

Shipping Agency only at the countries of West Africa (Mauritania to Congo, Cameroun range), Madagascar, South Asia, Middle East. We don’t offer services at other ports, since it’s out of our interest! We offer you only at these particular country ports because we can assure prompt, confidential, respectful and skillful services from our local agent(s) respectively. This is our innovation!

Particularly, we provide you for these ports:

  • Fully confidential, honorable and respective person in charge and dedicated for your ship.
  • Perfect knowledge of English and French language, or us in MMC if not satisfied.
  • 24 hours accessibility.
  • Great skills in solving any kind of problem that might appear, or alternate solution, as you like.
  • Excellent knowledge of the areas and authorities.
  • Owner of a network of persons with high qualifications and skills.
  • Temporary but secured storage of any kind of equipment, spare, lubricant, or other staff as you wish.