Our MMC Team can provide expertise technical consulting for your shipping company and all vessels. We can advise you know-how at all technical fields of the company, plus solutions to all matters in respect to either the technical management and handling, or the ship itself, at all fields of it’s technical rendering. We further support small advises, free of charge, such as equivalency of a spare part, suitability, or hull distortion, crack repairs, class acceptance or rejection, or even machinery small common failure solutions. When you think technical consultancy, think of MMC as your imminent partner.

Our MMC Team offers a broad range of ship’s services for every aspect of any IACS and non-IACS classification rule(s). It comes from the consulting of the approval of vessel and machinery plans, to the survey and registration of the ship and ship installations, approval of materials, equipment and outfitting gear, as well as the assessment and registration of ship safety management systems and security systems. When you think classification consultancy, think of MMC as your imminent partner.

Our MMC Team is able to provide any kind of repair assessment, advise, solution and combination, as well as choice of a shipyard, repair cost and reporting issues. The team has a long-standing expertise at all fields of the repair complex, able to give you all the options you need to come out from a difficult repair problem. Don’t call us for just a repair. Call us when you actually have a problem on a repair issue of any kind, technical, economical, or laboring. When you face a repair trouble, think of MMC as your imminent partner.



We can assist with establishment and maintenance of technical standards for the construction and operation of ships.


Assisting you with ship repair.